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Originally mainframe architectures relied on a centralized host server that processed data and returned it to be displayed on a dummy terminal. These dummy terminals did not have my processing power and could only display data that was sent from the mainframe.

Posted by mitchp  |   May 15 2013 / 08:33

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pertra replied ago:

I'm not sure what you mean by a Mainframe Architecture. There are all kinds of solutions between the terminal (e.g. vt100, 3270 or x windows server) and other types of clients which differ by there "thinks". There are a reason why web-browsers are so popular: It is an advanced terminal, interpreting what the server (running e.g. Linux, Windows or z/OS) are giving them. Your application change for everyone when make you changes to the server. The disadvantages of a client/server solution can be a distributed client which can be a nightmare to maintain and update. So think of a Mainframe Architecture as a Client/Server architecture with a standard Client.

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