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By Thierry.Lefort
Published: Jun 24 2009 / 11:37

I know that’s a pretty bold statement but here’s why...
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MCII replied ago:

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Agile was founded to monetize eXtreme Programming. It was never alive among real programmers, only among 'scrum masters'.

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ferrisoxide replied ago:

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Harsh.. and Uncle Bob might have something different to say on the matter.. but yeah, I see your point.. as someone trying to shake the mantle of (**shudder**) "scum master".. Agile has become a marketing nugget.

We use words like this to try to describe the world we live in - super important given how abstract the stuff we do as developers is. When the words get distorted by marketing spin the world gets a bit weirder.

I've always preferred the term 'lean' as it means something concrete and has a cultural rooting beyond and larger than software development - i.e. from manufacturing. But even this term is now overused and being modified to mean things other than its original meaning.


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reboltutorial replied ago:

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If you read the founders, you would know that Agility and Lean comes from the philosophy of Deming's Quality (see ) the original (Lean) Quality Management which has subverted by so called Six Sigma or ISO which has nothing to do with Deming.

Deming / Shewhart basic idea is the spiral of continuous progress of PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Action or Correction) which is itself based on the scientific principle of Aristotle.

Modern "Gurus" reinvent the wheel without even sometimes refering to the Founders, as for followers, they don't understand the Fundamental Principles, just the slogans which have no operationality. Operationality is very important in the thought of the Quality Founders that's why Deming wrote in his 14 points of Management: Eliminate the use of Slogan ( )

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ferrisoxide replied ago:

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Hear hear. Voting reboltutorial up for bringing it into perspective. We are all standing on the shoulders of giants - pays to respect that.

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