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By rick
Published: Oct 17 2006 / 20:41

Here are my symptoms: - A complete lack of structure of the day - F*c**d up sleeping pattern... Getting up way to late, staying up way to late. - Don't know when work begins and don't know when it ends. - Lack of motivation - Extremely hard to build discipline - Loneliness - Can't concentrate during the day... alot better at night... - Feelings of frustration because you can't get to it...
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bloid replied ago:

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Isn't there a case for all home-workers in a city getting together and renting an office between them? Or just forming a "lunch group"?

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hiveminds replied ago:

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This is a good idea. Here in town there is a technical park for start-ups. There should be one in your town. If there is not then try and start one at a school or something. Pool resources and do an office time share thing. I did this last year and it worked great. Three people sharing a 12 hour period daily was cake. If I had clients to meet I would schedule office hours and meet them. Otherwise I would sit at home and work.

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willcode4beer replied ago:

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If the work-at-home'rs get together and rent an office, what's the point of working at home


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dgary replied ago:

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I can't work from home, never have been able to, I keep work at work and home at home, home requires a completely different mindset than work, just like my workshop does from being in the house.

Actually got fired for NOT working from home, had a *ahem* "manager" who had just recently been aquired, one of those "change the para-dig-m" guys, and transferred to my team. He thought working from home immediately caused increased productivity, so he forced the ENTIRE development staff all 20+ people, to work from home, no questions, no options, just go - work from home.

I declined the "offer", and continued to come into my office every day, the same office I had been in for a little over 2 years, the same office I had all my research and reference materials in, the same office I had pushed 3 major and umpteenth minor projects through.

Several weeks had gone by and mr "work from home" himself came, from his home, into my office, and started a very verbal disagreement with me about me not being a team player, undermining his authority and being a disruptive influence, the last one I thought was humorous, how could I be disruptive when NO ONE WAS THERE.
Ended with me being unceremoniously canned after a very heated argument, the first and only time to date I've ever actually been Fired.

After word got out on the whole thing, 7 of the teams senior developers had quit or retired (3 of them were well past retirement, they just really liked the work we were doing, Geospatial systems at the time), 4 transferred to different departments or different sites, leaving about 10, mostly fresh faced interns or entry level just out of or still in college developers. And since the company was in a serious hiring freeze at the time, no new staff would be hired in, and none of the staff from other departments would even think about transfering in to work for Mr Home. The project immediately fell behind, builds stopped building, new code stopped being generated, it was stuck in a perpetual "bug fixing" cycle, mostly trying to fix the build process.

Few weeks later, when things finally made their way up the tree far enough, Mr Home got called on the floor of the executive commitee, "those that are responsible for the sacking have been sacked", and I get a very nice offer to return, no harm no foul, unfortunately I had already gotten a job from a company that had almost been throwing hookers through my window in an attempt to get me to leave my previous employer, and the offer from the old place, while VERY nice, was still VERY short in comparison.

I know this isn't strictly with TFA, but I thought it would be a humorous if it didn't happen type story for those who might have been in the same boat at one time or another.

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bloid replied ago:

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Sounds like hell dgary! Shame it took so long for Mr Work At Home to get the sack :-/

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hiveminds replied ago:

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I work about a 4 hour train ride from the head offices. I love it. Especially since I don't have to stress myself with the normal

what to do for lunch
drinking too much coffee because it is the thing to do
interuptions at critical points in developing
being able to do research completely undisturbed.
no auto traffic
being able to play music without headphones.
avoiding sweaty feet by wearing socks all day.
getting up getting dressed and ready and then just getting to it.
skype is cool
living in a small town and being able to hold down a big city job with prestige

Working from home is not for everyone but I like it.

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murban replied ago:

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> drinking too much coffee because it is the thing to do

You drink too much coffee only because it is the thing to do? ;)

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xaymaca replied ago:

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I am living the life of the author. Adjusting to working from home is a living hell for me.

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dmonkeyboy replied ago:

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For me there has always needed to be a balance, working from home a couple of days, and in the office a couple. This way I have the peace and quiet of home to concerntrate on tasks without the inturuptions. Having a home set up also enables me to try out new ideas when they hit me at midnight. But then I also have the general office interactions with people too, being able to bounce ideas off people or just catch up on some office gossip!

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ct replied ago:

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I have never wanted to work from home due to these reasons. I justknow myself and that I would find it very hard to be a productive and balanced individual working from home over a long period of time. There are times when I'll ask off a few days just to stay at home and focus, but those are the exceptions and when the task at hand is clear and requires clear execution.

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tbr replied ago:

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Anyone else reminded of meet joe bloggs:

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rasman replied ago:

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Wow. It's good to know that I'm not alone. I just wrote a blog entry about this.

I bet I telecommute further than you do. :-)

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