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SOAP is heavyweight, while REST is light and mobile-friendly. However, there is another key difference which is often overlooked . . .

Posted by egenesky  |   Nov 30 2012 / 09:50

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splatch replied ago:

It's direct presentation of product with no arguments or even samples (in code) why SOAP would be harder than REST. In fact both are related more or less to HTTP.

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Riccardo Cossu replied ago:

Well, comparing a good REST API with any SOAP service layer doesn't seems fair: I mean, it is just as easy to simply add a SOAP layer over an existing service layer as it is to expose it through REST-like interfaces (i.e. using a lightweight layer instead of SOAP). What's difficult in a good REST architecture is to completely review the service layer to turn it from a procedure oriented architecture (which can be created with SOAP or other means) into a resource oriented one, which usually means totally rewriting the service layer.

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MCII replied ago:

Its actually the opposite: It is DIFFICULT to create SOAP Web Services, but EASY to consume them.

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