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By dotCore
Published: Mar 30 2012 / 15:50

It’s hard to believe that someone envisioned tablet PCs 18 years ago, but a dusty video clip from 1994 shows us that there were, in fact, technology visionaries before Steve Jobs (insert “ironic grin” here).
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Miloskov replied ago:

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Apple, Patents and Everything Blows big time!. Also this Calvin Gong Blows with his spamming gucci crap on DZone.

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ocpsoft replied ago:

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It's called star-trek. They had tablet computers back in the early 90s, too. Captain Picard always listened to his classical while he read his kindle.

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henk replied ago:

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Pretty interesting! Some spot on predictions there. In reality the tablet became a bit smaller than they envisioned and strange that they didn't really predict downloading content via the Internet, but instead envisioned smart cards as the delivery medium.

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Kaveh Shahbazian replied ago:

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(There are others too BUT) I love it when someone kicks big mouth's @$$!

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