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By Oliver White
Published: Jan 25 2013 / 09:50

In the last half of 2012, the big dogs were trying to become more nimble and agile, while the quick Tomcats of the world are trying to add more of the Java EE feature set. For example, the addition of the Liberty profile to the WebSphere line of products represents a shift in the mindset of traditional enterprise users, and developers are clamoring for a faster way to get as close to a production environment as possible on their local machines
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Shane K Johnson replied ago:

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I'm wondering if there is a misunderstanding of the Liberty Profile here. My understanding is that it is a separate runtime with a limited set of services. If a developer requires services not available in the Liberty Profile, he/she must use the traditional WAS runtime. I believe that the shift occurred with JBoss AS 7 & JBoss EAP 6 where the complete set of services are loaded on demand and configurable via profiles (Web/Full/Other) rather than separate runtimes. Having two separate runtimes only makes a developers job that much more difficult.

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Simon_Maple replied ago:

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Hey Shane, Thanks for your comment (Disclaimer: Please note I'm a ZeroTurnaround employee and before that I used to work at IBM on the Liberty Profile). The liberty profile contains a subset of functionality compared to the WAS full profile. This subset of functionality is growing and growing as you can see from the WAS 8.5 release and the new alpha release (now contains EJB lite and more). If you wanted to code against other services or runtime which was not in the liberty profile, then yes, you'd need to use the full WAS profiles. A couple of reactions to your separate runtimes comment... Firstly it's important to mention that apart from LP kernel (component and services loading, config etc), the runtime components and services are identical to the components and services in full profile, such as web container, transaction service, so you'll not have a big step between development and production like with say tomcat and WebSphere. The trend for the LP is to include more and more functionality as you can see from the recent alpha releases. Check out for more info. Hope that helps! Simon Maple (@sjmaple) Zero Turnaround Technical Evangelist

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