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How to create a JSF application in pure Java without using any xml (no Facelets, no JSP, no faces-config).

Posted by arjan_tijms  |   Sep 12 2011 / 17:50

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Powerjohn replied ago:

Pretty cool really!

Just like the Swing days, you could create quite a library of page fragments this way and include and composite them in more ways. Recursive inclusion is actually trivial this way (it's impossible with Facelets, although there are some workarounds).

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denywuy replied ago:

Very informative, and nicely summarised.

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kevin_brown replied ago:

So simple, yet so effective. Did really nobody think of this before???

I could see myself using this already, but I realize it's only a proof of concept. Wonder if it will work with some more complex examples, like AJAX, partial state saving, external components (RichFaces, etc).

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Miloskov replied ago:

it means java or any language programmer are tired of using xml for defining user interfaces, configurations and many stuff as the nightmare of spring with xml configuration so now thanks to annotations is more clean or all the mess that many frameworks use xml. We are programmers and we want to define our GUI or Configurations in our own language and no mess with external syntax.

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