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By dan
Published: May 09 2008 / 08:52

There have been several blog posts recently about class-loading issues apparently linked the use of the Sun-Java 1.6 (6.0) JVM. Mark Mandel has a detailed article on this here. Before seeing this article we had been working on optimizing a ColdSpring-ModelGlue-Reactor application. We blogged our progress in this article. We thought a reality check was a good idea and ran some load tests comparing this same application performance in Java 1.5 and 1.6. Once again we observed better performance in 1.6; here are the results. These results are for a 50 Virtual User (vUser) Test for 1 hour with 8 second think time (delay between clicks) comparing Java 1 5 to 1.6. Firstly Java 1.5 Total Number of Clicks: 13,345 (0 Errors) Average Click Time of all URLs: 5,298 ms
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Peter Mularien replied ago:

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Interesting that the CF 8 review posted this morning talks about this same issue in passing. Can someone post a link to a more technical explanation of what the classloader issue is in 1.6? Does it only affect ColdFusion?

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Peter Mularien replied ago:

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I also have to add to the author that the charts in this posting are great - nice job!

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