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By sharrissf
Published: May 11 2009 / 06:09

Ever since the beginning of my time as a professional software developer, I’ve felt the whole scheme of persistence with a database is usually a kludge. The various ORM tools available do make the conversion between objects and data structures much easier. None, are ideal. This is often refered to as the ORM Impedance Mismatch.
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MCII replied ago:

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Miloskov replied ago:

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RDBMS ideas ware cool in the 80´s but right now we need another solutions.

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zynasis replied ago:

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i dont really believe this
they seem to fit well as long as they are strongly connected to the domain

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Joseph Ottinger replied ago:

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This is a limited post - it shows Coherence and Terracotta, while ignoring other solutions like GigaSpaces and Gemstone, and lightly treats JCR and Lucene for its purposes - but the intent is correct.

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Lincoln Baxter, III replied ago:

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Two words... DISK SPACE!?!?!?

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Miloskov replied ago:

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Use Erlang with Mnesia or CouchDB

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gerbrand replied ago:

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RDBMS and more general relational model to access data is still popular, because often it's a much more natural way to query data.
When you have to query a large amount of data (like data in your database, wikipedia, html documents) relation model is more intuitive and easier then the OO model.
Finally, a great advantage of SQL is standardization. What if the application that persisted the data needs to be updated or replaced for whatever reason? You would then have to start writing software to decode the persisted data, if that's even possible.

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