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Bindows 4.2 supports the latest current versions of all major browsers, including Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 19, Safari 5.1, and Chrome 25; it also includes several new improvements and bug fixes. For detailed description of Bindows 4.2 - All customers with an active or perpetual maintenance plan will get the updated retail version directly from us. The apps on the Bindows site are already updated.

Posted by ran_at_bindows  |   Mar 25 2013 / 14:40

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Jonathan Lermitage replied ago:

The website still blocks Opera users. I can't stand this kind of website (Opera is standards compliant since a while ! Why don't they simply ask for standards compliance ?) :p

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ran_at_bindows replied ago:

Jonathan, Thanks for your comment. We do not block anyone - quite the opposite, we welcome everyone :) Since Bindows does not support Opera - the demos, clock and gauges on the site will not run in Opera. Regards, Ran ,

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