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Periodically over on Stack Overflow (and in many other programming forums) the question comes up about what books are good for programmers to read. The question has been asked and answered several times, in several different ways. Among the most commonly recommended programming books there is another group that deserves special consideration. I call the next list "Books Programmers Claim to Have Read". This isn't to say that no one who recommends these books has actually read them. I just have reason to suspect that a lot more people claim to have read the following books than have actually read them.

Posted by rlamarch  |   Dec 15 2008 / 14:22

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acconrad replied ago:

I've probably only read the first three, and I probably would only recommend the first 3. I'm not exactly sure how he gathered who "most" programmers are, but it's a great article to take away if you rename it "10 Books Programmers Should Consider Reading"

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zynasis replied ago:

have to say that ive read the entire algorithms book and not only glad i did for actual use, but i enjoyed the read

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polterguy replied ago:

Very nice writeup, and the comments are even better, though I think you should have kept it "language gnostic" - except maybe for TAOCP. Still +1 :)

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