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I'm serious! Boolean parameters can be evil because they don't communicate their purpose (or make it harder to understand the purpose of the methods using them.) The problem isn't really understanding a method signature. After all, we can give the boolean parameter a decent name and we can also add a Javadoc comment. For example

Posted by bloid  |   Nov 15 2007 / 16:55

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wanghy replied ago:

In IE, the dzone widget in the blog post shows "3 votes down" and in FireFox "3 votes up"...there might be a bug in the dzone widget

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willcode4beer replied ago:

the comments in this one are worth the read

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fijimf replied ago:

The comments are not worth a read. Nor is the post. Really.

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alruiz15 replied ago:

Wouldn't it be helpful to know why the post and/or the comments are not worth a read?

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kieronwilkinson replied ago:

The article makes an excellent point. A nice simple solution for better code readablity.

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