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By mswatcher
Published: Aug 17 2011 / 06:06

Spring has rich support for transaction management through its PlatformTransactionManager interface and the hierarchy of implementations. Spring's transaction support provides a consistent interface for the transactional semantics of numerous APIs. Broadly, transactions can be split into two categories: local transactions and global transactions. Local transactions are those that affect only one transaction resource. Most often, these resources have their own transactional APIs, even if the notion of a transaction is not explicitly surfaced. Often it's surfaced as the concept of a session, a unit of work with demarcating APIs to tell the resource when buffered work should be committed. Global transactions are those that span one or more transactional resources, and enlist them all in a single transaction.
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RawThinkTank replied ago:

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Yaa go ahead , put your half life in configuration while the smart guys write real programs.

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