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Some Useful Instructions : Recording speech of about N seconds at sampling frequency of 32kHz. You can use either ‘wavrecord()’ MATLAB function or windows sound recorder for this purpose .If you use Sound Recorder, then you need to first set its properties for recording sound at 32kHz and single channel. •Convert the recorded wave file into ASCII character file. •Write a program that creates TCP/IP packets with all fields. Now create multiple TCP/IP packets having data field filled with the data from the ASCII file. •Recreate the ASCII files from TCP/IP packets. • Convert the ASCII file to wave file. •Write a Program that drops the packets randomly for different percentage of packet loss. • Recreate the ASCII files from the received packets, fill the dropped packets with some dummy data. • Convert the ASCII file to wave file. • Calculate the Mean square error (MSE) of original wavefile and decoded wavefile after packet loss. • Plot the effect of different percentage Packet loss on the wave file. These are the instructions according to which Matlab code was developed.
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