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Today I led the first significant design discussion that I have led in quite a long time. A few minutes afterward, I was already reflecting on what had occurred and how. The very first thing that I noticed was my drastically different approach to the task. I felt that my facilitation skills were more mature and effective than I remember from previous similar engagements. I’m not sure if the time I spent in management (where I facilitated quite a few meetings, though much more business-focused ones) helped, but something certainly has. I also noticed several things that I’ll call “pattern vs. antipattern” tugs of war. Quite often during the meeting I felt the group trying to move our discussion in one direction that I, for better or for worse, thought was ineffective. I would then redirect us on to what I felt was a better path. In true catalog form, here’s the list.

Posted by mstine  |   May 17 2011 / 08:02

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