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So every time I am designing something new I find myself either searching Google or opening up a gang of four (GoF) book to aid me. I searched for a bit trying to find a handy-dandy flash card showing class diagrams and purposes for the basic GoF patterns but was unable to locate a good one (for free). So I made my own.

Posted by finn0013  |   Jan 30 2008 / 04:02

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rick replied ago:

Neat work, finn0013! I'm asking one of my co-workers at DZone to get in touch with you about a really cool project we have been working on. You might find it really interesting. Congrats on the great work!

Please feel free to ping me on IM if you want. I'm on most of the major systems. Jabber is my favorite.


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clawoo replied ago:


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User 250139 avatar replied ago:

Well done, thanks!

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mantrid replied ago:

i LOVE it!

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scbubba replied ago:

Great work on this. Simple, to the point and very useful.
Thanks for sharing this with the community.


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edaj replied ago:

Im getting a 403 error from the link

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Jason McDonald replied ago:

edaj - I'm not sure why you are getting a 403... My site is up...

What exactly did you click on?

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andrewnelson replied ago:

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web2crawler replied ago:

really ineteresting, thanks

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dwaipeyan replied ago:

The design pattern quick reference link is now not working.

Kindly restore the same.


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