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By legendx
Published: Feb 01 2009 / 18:49

Often one of the first patterns that young developers encounter, the singleton solves a very sloppy, dangerous, and nightmarish practice known as global variables. There are components in nearly every application that need to be accessed everywhere. The younger developers might be tempted to declare a debug variable as global, and just access it where he/she pleases. You will learn later on in the project that this makes maintaining the application very frustrating.
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zynasis replied ago:

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oh my god... this has been done a thousand times before

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Dave Newton replied ago:

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Of course it doesn't come under fire for *its* usefulness--that wouldn't make any sense. And the reasons for not liking it go quite a bit beyond "nit-picky" :/

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legendx replied ago:

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Apologies for the horribly constructed sentence. I think what I was trying to convey was the degree of it's effectiveness often comes under fire. I stand by the closing statement. I haven't seen a convincing argument that showed that singletons don't have their place. One of my key points was to be mindful of the situation you're using it in. If you abide by that and use the pattern in situations where you're not trying to force it than I think it is very effective.

Thanks for the input.

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