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By armelnene
Published: May 06 2012 / 18:45

HTML5 is a the future, everything will run in the browser and more blah blah blah. Don't get me wrong, HTML5 brings some good technologies to the web application developer. Nevertheless, I think there is a lot of hype
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Miloskov replied ago:

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Nice title, have some points, but need more facts and examples. As one commenter there said you dont need to talk to OS to use a bar code reader, they function as keyboards input this days. Im still think HTML5/Javascript is the future, if you really really need performance go back to C++ or Java or even fortran.

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Armel Nene replied ago:

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@Miloskov, Thanks for your feedback but I still don't believe that at all. Unless the HTML5 can fully implemented and compatible across all browsers ( you can see that right now with the different implementation in browsers), and have full access to hardware then I don't see it replacing all the desktop application such as point of sale. I don't know which barcode scanner you came across lately in you supermarket but they still require the hardware and fallback to a keyboard if the scanner did not work in the first place. So what about trading applications, have you came across any written in the browsers used by brokers. Maybe I should provide more examples but this was based on my experience and the industry I work in. HTML5 will be very useful as a standard and it has its place in developing application but we still need languages like Java and C++. Well I am sure that you know that you can develop iOS and Android application in C++. By the way, I do not need to go back to Java as that is the language I used on the daily basis even to write HTML5 based application (GWT, Vaadin, JSF Primefaces etc...).

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Armel Nene replied ago:

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@2think @saokat_ali @andrewnewdigate it will be good to share your opinions on why you disagree with the post and marked it down.

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