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By a0
Published: Aug 09 2010 / 02:39

Google recently dropped Wave , its revolutionary collaboration platform I wrote about last year. The general reaction is a surprise, firstly because the Wave was very innovative, though not well packaged, secondly because no longer than a few months ago Google was actively promoting Wave to business partners on the Google IO 2010. And now, they are just stopping the service, just like that. Ok, it’s not the first product they closed, but this time the ecosystem is bigger, and the consequences are higher. And an important question arise – how dependable cloud computing really is?
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James Williams replied ago:

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Downvoting because I don't think it is a valid comparison of Google pulling the plug on Wave and that meaning that they pulled the plug on cloud computing. Using someone else's platform is always risky.The main difference between Wave and Twitter is that Wave has been mostly open sourced. That is how Novell built their implementation. Just as there are freely available implementations of Etherpad (which Google also closed), I expect the same to be true with Wave. Wave was built for interop, Twitter not so much

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RawThinkTank replied ago:

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the best example of cloud is torrents.

what you call cloud is actually webserver on mainframe

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Miloskov replied ago:

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Voted down too cause one thing is cloud computing and other is Google Wave(Product) and I think the author does not understand what is cloud computing is just a form of buzz for Web Services and Virtualization. What it failed is a Google product named Wave based on web technologies and thats all, Also could be a product from Microsoft or any startup, Web or not Web.

I dont see the relation between cloud computing and Google Wave. Buzz vs Product. Apple vs Oranges.

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RawThinkTank replied ago:

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Wave is stupid and so is youtube, its just matter of time that these primitive technologies get replaced with p2p apps.

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Marek Foss replied ago:

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I see you missed the point. I didn't say Google _literally_ pulled the plug on cloud computing, just that trusting the services in the cloud just became riskier than before, because we have a precedence situation when a pretty big content sharing platform is practically closed overnight.

I may exaggerate a bit, but that's just to strengthen my point. But I agree cloud computing is not dead. However I think it suffered a blow.

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