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By joselopescruz
Published: May 20 2013 / 08:27

Why there are very few good Java Architects? Well, most people will say to me, that this isn’t true, they have Java Architects in their team. I believe, but most of them are Senior Programming Developers with some experience, but not real Architects! Sorry.
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MCII replied ago:

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He is a "J2EE trainer". J2EE was superseded by Java EE in 2006.

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mheath replied ago:

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The bigger problem is that there's not one true definition of what an architect is or does. If you took 10 architects from 10 different organizations and asked them what they do, you'd get 10 different answers. So, fundamentally, to say someone is not an architect and is really a senior engineer is a bit absurd to me.

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joselopescruz replied ago:

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Well, there isn't a definition of what an Architect is but we could try to enumerate some of the actions and responsibilities we expect from an architect: - Management and technology responsibilities, with the goal of turning a business problem into a technical solution - Address quality requirements - Mitigate risks of the product - Making trade-off decisions considering the Quality-of-Service (Only a person with a business/technical/management vision can really do it) - Identifying the most important use cases - Work closely with project manager and the sponsor of the project (a commercial director for instance) - Recommend the technologies and possible framework to be used in the project. - Developing and guiding the construction of a prototype fo the project - Understanding the cost associated with architectural decisions (mainly technical) - Managing the communication between manager/project manager and the team (including senior developers) - Mentoring team members - Convincing stakeholders and reach agreements with them considering the risks, tradeoffs, etc. This list can go on and on, but he the big difference its related with the business understanding the architect has that most of senior developers don't have it. I have worked with architects in the past, and long time ago, one of them asked me some questions, and one of them was: "Do you know how much it costs for the customer the decisions you are taking developing this framework instead of using another?". And then he told me: "Every technical decision has a cost associated, do you know how to calculate it, or have and idea about it?". These questions are from an architect, not from a senior developer.

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