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Okay, so even I admit that this is a stretch for developers, but I think you'll still think it's cool. Because most of us have scribbled on white boards, and there's a certain kind of beauty in the _visual_ of the results from an AHA. In other words THIS IS PRETTY, in a very geeky way. Since 2010, Spanish artist Alejandro Guijarro has been traveling to several Quantum Mechanics institutions across the globe and photographing blackboards filled with the mathematical scribblings of some of greatest minds in the world. The photographer walks into each facility's lecture halls and proceeds to snap shots of the blackboards without modifying the board or interfering with the original arrangement of the space. The ongoing series titled Momentum presents a honest look at the intellectual scrawls, some of which have been wiped away.

Posted by estherschindler  |   Submitted: Nov 21 2012 / 14:00

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