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If we can shed some of the industry’s juvenile past, while maintaining this merit-based culture, IT will attract all comers, regardless of gender.

Posted by mswatcher  |   Apr 26 2013 / 06:51

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Kaveh Shahbazian replied ago:

I do not know but from my personal development life (which is a ultra tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny part of developers lives in the world and history of development): I think women do not like technology. I had female co-workers in 2 of my jobs. I remember when I have learnt LINQ. For months they were enjoying make fun of me and calling me different thing: "Hey Albert (Einstein)! What you have discovered today?"; "With that LINQ on you, you look so hot!", "Hey everybody look! Kaveh is leaking! (LINQing)" and it is a long time that I've stopped talking about programming with female programmers (Last week I was handing over one of my projects to a female co-worker and she saw a lambda expression in my code (in C# () => ...; used in LINQ) and she asked what is this? I said it's just a shorthand for a function; and she told: If it's just a function why you do not write just a function? To look smarter?). Again this is a ultra tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny part of developers lives in the world and history of development; but that was my story on this topic. Maybe I have some flaws in my behavior toward females (which is not unlikely; however I doubt that; because in other contexts my female friends - according to their themselves reports - think of me as a kind and generous man) and maybe I am wrong. But there is something wrong in the whole picture too.

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