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By biochimistu
Published: May 18 2010 / 14:12

Flash Co-Creator Jonathan Gay Responds to Steve Jobs.
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yakkoh replied ago:

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Nothing new except 'Flash performance and stability on the Mac has been a problem. ' So there is a problem!

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RawThinkTank replied ago:

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Long live Android

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biochimistu replied ago:

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Way not tell the whole story yakkoh?! There are problems on Mac but way? Because "Apple has also made it more difficult to build a reliable web browser plug-in than Microsoft".

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guidolx replied ago:

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Flash did in the past month make regularly crash my computer while surfing on the net. (Vista)
I mean while surfing I feared a page could contain a flash ad or intro somewhere....
Should I blame it on Microsoft ?
However, since a few weeks I do not have to restart my Computer.
So thanks Mr Jobs for putting this discussion up.
I never had this problem with Java Applets.

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raveman replied ago:

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There is no need to call him that, lets be civilized!

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devdanke replied ago:

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just another article showing that flash has no real problem (i.e. any problem that cannot be easily fixed) on the iphone os.

all the so called "technical" and "open-source" issues steve jobs raised are red herrings intended to divert attention from the real reason he banned flash, his own megalomania and short-sighted quest for more apple profits.

in the computer world, openness always wins in the end. jobs' irrational anti-developer restrictions (he banned a lot more than just flash) is the beginning of the end for the iphone os platform. soon the iphone will be relegated to a small niche market just like apple computers are.

steve jobs' self-destructive behavior guarantees android supremacy.

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