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By bloid
Published: Jun 21 2009 / 09:12

What Manomio has done is to create a fully licensed Commodore 64 emulator for the iPhone that can play classic games and even run Commodore 64 BASIC. The full list of features are as follows: * Full speed, Commodore 64 emulator * SID sound emulation * Auto-save, to continue exactly where you left off * Realistic joystick and beautifully crafted C64 keyboard * Portrait and Landscape play * Vertical and Fullscreen gaming (auto rotate for iPod users) Did I mention it was legally licensed?
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henk replied ago:

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the bastards! :(

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bloid replied ago:

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It's the complete inconsistency that annoys me...

And the fact that crap seems to get though, but fully licensed genius like this gets blocked

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ferrisoxide replied ago:

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from what I understand, it's because the emulator can run 3rd party code - a no-no from Apple's licensing POV. I guess the threat of a virus running written in CBM-Basic is just too much of a risk :)

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bloid replied ago:

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Yeah, but other emulators are available in the Store

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ferrisoxide replied ago:

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I suspect these are more emulators in the sense that they run ROM code - which is still essentially static. The difference with the C-64 emulator is that it can in theory run *any* code - the same reason why Ruby apps running on MRI or similar are banned from the Store.

I could be completely wrong, but whatever the case it's hardly an open market. Apple are quite in their rights to restrict what they sell in their store.. but we should be equally able to set up our own stores and sell to a market that wants our services or products. On this basis alone I refuse to buy an iPhone - or indeed any mobile phone - that locks me into a single vendor's offerings.

What went wrong? There was a hint of openness a few years back - the idea I could upload an Java app to MY phone, to customize MY experience of using the mobile network. That just seems to have died.. and the world is poorer for it.

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b.m replied ago:

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It's called Android. And it's getting there ;)

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ferrisoxide replied ago:

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Android is not exactly without its problems. In fact, the issues seem remarkably like the ones plaguing iPhone developers:

I agree that Android offers a more open platform than the iPhone, but I still think we're a long way off having a truly open platform - but in the case of Android is possibly more a matter of network providers being restrictive with their licensing ("give me a pipe goddamit, charge me for use and stop telling me what I can/can't do with it").

This is a multidimensional problem. On one hand it's a argument between security and convenience, but there's also a larger issue around content.. who owns it, who controls it.

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Miloskov replied ago:

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We all know how crap is Apple and the app store, their elitist behaviour will be their doom. No thanks to Apple, Sometimes I think is better Microsoft than Apple.

Last year I bought a Mac and it was cool, it has the cool factor but thats all I abandoned it, Now I have a custom PC with Windows and Linux. Also Last year I wanted to buy an Iphone but I begin to realize the elitist behaviour from them so no thanks.

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Pantuky replied ago:

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So does this mean that I can play Miner 2049 and program in FiG Forth under this emulator... once the hacked version of the iPhone firmware comes out?

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andrew_holmert replied ago:

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Apple has a very small market share... I understand why...

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RawThinkTank replied ago:

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Android WINS :)

Lets install Android on it.

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