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By bethebest
Published: Oct 05 2009 / 10:27

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) may be experiencing a renaissance thanks to growing support from web browsers, but Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser still fails to handle SVG, a Google official argued at a technical conference on Friday.
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philho replied ago:

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The title is a bit misleading: Microsoft supported vector graphics in IE even before SVG was born, via VML support. The article body reminds this support, BTW. After all, it allows for smart JavaScript libraries to emulate SVG (or Canvas) support by converting to it to VML.
But indeed, the lack of native support of SVG (we still have some plugins for this support) is annoying.

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jamesjames replied ago:

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" \"SVG's coming of age,\" Johnson said."

Yeah no kiddin. SVG is not something new. It has been out there for years. There was Adobe SVG plugin and others. People even wrote SVG to VML converters before 2003. But you know what noone give a rat about them. VML was great for the time when the IE ruled the planet with 98% usage. But you know what, noone give a damn about it either. So home come SVG suddenly become the "coming of age"? uh of course the good material for hype is slipping away fast from the hands of some greedy. So a need to recook the old is an almost absolute necessity.

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RawThinkTank replied ago:

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WebGL will rule

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