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I had the ahem, privilege of being chosen for the Google Glass #glassexplorers program. Was really excited until the other shoe dropped and I realized there was a catch -- membership comes at a price. Still, don't think I can resist the opportunity to be one of the first people to use one of the word's first commercial, wearable computers.

Posted by rsmiller  |   Apr 04 2013 / 14:22

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Infernoz replied ago:

It is a stupid product, it is esthetically ugly, not suitable for any glasses wearers, and the functional interface is obviously technically and usability rubbish, in addition to several safety issues with have what is effectively a smart phone on your head for long periods of time. Even if it was any good, Google should loan it, because anyone using it is doing possibly hazardous R&D for Google, at cost to themselves; what cheek! Run, I say run; and don't look back!

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rsmiller replied ago:

I actually think it's a very important product. The issues around glasses wearers will be resolved. Google is working with glasses manufacturers for that. Unless you have used the product, not sure how you can make such definitive statements about its usability or the safety impact of long-term use. People have been wearing bluetooth devices for years, not sure there is a definitive study that would indicate that practice is unsafe. I doubt it's any more hazardous than any other portable electronic device. What I believe is that this is the first step in wearable devices and that makes it significant. It's the start of a journey and at some point, wearable devices will be as normal as carrying a smartphone.

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Infernoz replied ago:

It is a nice conceptual idea; however the current design is generations away from not being an eye strain inducing, out-of-focus, distracting and ugly toy. The offset tiny display is a dead give away that Google team are quite clueless that this needs proper HUD glasses or contact lenses. The optical problems will be /much/ harder to solve for prescription glasses, especially for older people; I have 1st hand knowledge of the optical issues prescription glasses and contact lenses cause. You really are naive comparing a weak Bluetooth transmitter to a far more powerful and biologically destructive, pulsed Microwave mobile phone transmitter; mobile phone pulsed RFI (not heat) has been shown to cause physical damage and even cell death in a laboratory experiment, and lab tests with equivalent structure, sensor laced, test dummy heads have shown that the antenna field lobe can penetrate inches past the bone of the skull, and with child heads, most of the head is exposed! IMO, 24/7 Mobile phones are for people with a cell death wish, who want to get senile or sterile younger, or even boost their chances of cancer!

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