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The Griffon team is happy to announce the release of Griffon 0.3! Griffon is a Grails inspired framework for writing RIAs on the JVM using Groovy. For a list of features and fixes see the Griffon 0.3 Release Notes

Posted by aalmiray  |   Mar 01 2010 / 17:03

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daveklein replied ago:

Congratulations to the Griffon Team! They're doing amazing things with this framework and it's great to see the results of their hard work. Keep it up!

I also wanted to day that I don't understand why anyone would down vote an announcement of a major milestone for an open source software project. It would be great if mikeem, Joseph.Volcy and nofan would post a comment to explain why they thought this announcement, which is obviously of interest to many here on DZone, deserved their down vote.

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freq47 replied ago:

I wish it was policy anytime some one down votes to give a reason why, if for no other reason than to help some one adjust their posting habbits.

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fifthposition replied ago:

that's the number two ranked (by votes) feedback item on the DZone UserVoice site right now (although it's *not* marked "planned," which number three is).

"I've noticed that some users will down-vote everything and leave comments like, "Dumb" and that's it. Forcing someone to choose a reason (and you should have a reason to down-vote rather than just ignoring) sounds like a good solution." -- Matt Passell's comment on the issue

(this was supposed to be in reply to freq47, but hit the wrong "Reply" link :( )

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