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By richigh82
Published: Apr 11 2014 / 15:22

Jackson is consistently faster than GSON and JSONSmart. Boon JSON parser and the new Groovy 2.3 JSON parser are faster than Jackson. They are faster than Jackson with InputStream, Reader, reading files, byte[], and char[] and String. Groovy JSON support and the Boon JSON parser are up to 3x to 5x faster than Jackson at parsing JSON from String and char[], and 2x to 4x faster at parsing byte[].
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richigh82 replied ago:

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Which is faster serializing to JSON with Jackson or serializing to binary with ObjectOutputStream? Most people assume that Java object serialization is faster than Jackson JSON serialization because Jackson is using JSON and Java object serialization is binary. Is this true? Find out.

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richigh82 replied ago:

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Some independent verification. Groovy 2.3 JSON parser and serializer faster than Jackson Andrey Bloschetsov, one of the commiters on the Groovy 2.3 JSON speedup, just published a benchmark showing Groovy 2.3 JSON parsing speed is faster than Jackson! This is more confirmation that Groovy 2.3 JSON parser is one of the fastest JSON parser and serializers on the JVM. It is even faster than Jackson! Jackson is faster than GSON, and JSONSmart by a wide margin. This puts Groovy 2.3 JSON parser and serializer as one of the fastest ways to parse and serialize JSON on the JVM. It is among the best. The Groovy JSON parser is the fastest of any of the main stream Java JSON parsers (ones with wide distribution). Yes it is fast. Very fast!

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