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By estherschindler
Published: Aug 20 2013 / 08:17

The intersection between customers and sales is where business is done and companies flourish or flounder. Great sales people are usually the difference between breakaway success and mediocrity. It’s no secret that if you are an over-achieving sales performer, you are worth your weight in gold. And that’s why you nearly get paid that much and are showered with Rolex watches, exotic getaways, and other goodies that make the rest of us in product and engineering stare and wonder. However, the reality is that sales needs engineering more than engineering needs sales. Sales people come and go but engineers build what matters. They can continue to crank out product without you (and be happy doing it), but you can not write a line of code yourself. Engineers are the manufacturing engine that drives the business forward and are the most important non-customer asset in the company. You are overhead — until and if you ever deliver.
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