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By Elementool
Published: Apr 18 2012 / 22:12

We all hear this question at least once a day: "How long will it take?" Estimating how long it takes to accomplish a task doesn't have to be difficult. In this clip, I’m going to teach you an easy and simple way to estimate tasks that you can use right away.
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Francois MAROT replied ago:

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If anything is so simple that you can evaluate with any certainty how long will take the worst & best case, then it must be so simple & trivial to do that you'd better have it done right away instead of losing precious time calculating some nonsense formula...
Seriously, I believe that for any non-trivial project, it's quite impossible to estimate seriously. The best qe can do is *guess* an approximate and add an enormous safety time just to be sure. So the best to do is guesstimate then start the job and re-evaluate the guesstimate regularly according to the quantity of work already done.

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