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By MrBoolUS
Published: Mar 14 2013 / 10:01

The tutorial is concerned about the working of the JSP tags and how to create these tags in Firefox browser.
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kalgon replied ago:

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Come on, what is this article? What does firefox have anything to do with jsp tags creation? Date.tld (Listing 2) does not even provide the correct tag name (it should be DateTag instead of 'This is a DateTag') (Listing 3) will never compile... And what is this @event directive in Listing 5, it should have been @attribute... I stopped reading at this point.

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skillipedia replied ago:

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I suggest you reword your title. I haven't read your article but it doesn't make any sense!

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MrBoolUS replied ago:

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Hi everyone, we agree with your comments, it was our fault and we deleted the article.

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