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By piccoloprincipe
Published: Jul 05 2010 / 17:31

Why do people complaining that they can’t do agile development with 50 crap developers not see that the problem is in the second part of that statement, not the first? I got an e-mail last week that shows the point perfectly: "We discussed whether an agile approach is right, and I concluded that not everyone can work that way. " Quite true. I find it self-evident that not everyone can do software development, agile or any other way.
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rainwebs replied ago:

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What is a crap developer? Someone who is in an environment that is not able to support him to work efficiently. Best of all, the man who should create such an environment, the crap manager, blames him ;-).

Managers that are not able to cope with such problems should skip their jobs.

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jfernandez replied ago:

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There are plenty of developers who are crap and their management has nothing to do with it. Lots of them coast on what they learned in college or university and make no attempt to improve their skills. For them, coding is just a job that they have to do to get money, they don't care about quality or improving as long as paychecks keep coming in. Of course, those people will never read our comments anyway, because they're not spending their free time reading programming-related websites such as DZone :)

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rainwebs replied ago:

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But, management is still able to influence such situations. You never have pure teams of such people. An even then you can change the behavior.

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