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By mswatcher
Published: Aug 18 2009 / 09:56

If you have ever worked with a developer or a development team, this article will probably strike close to home. As designers, we work with dozens of developers across the globe each year. Some of us are fortunate enough to find a gem; a developer that just gets it.
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dcortez replied ago:

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How to deal with non-logical, non-technical, non-developers, individuals who cant possibly describe what a computer system, can or should do on a given day much less over a period of years in even the simplest of terms.

We call non developers - secretaries, the retards who sign the checks for something they cant define, describe, or conceptualize. These are the "retards" that run software development shops in the United States.

People who on the face of it, can bathe, zip up their pants in the morning and nominally show up to work, but who are constitutionally incapable of logical thought as it applies to a computer system. The post office wasnt hiring that day, nor was the quickie mart, and these fools, MAY have run out of hair gel or they might be successful car salesman. REALLY successful actually, as far as hair gel goes.

But these would be car salesmen and errant housewives looking to score at the office as an excuse for dealing with their broken marriages, and idiot graduates form "corporations" of malfeasance and idiocracies to lord over people who happen to have actual skills and reduce the product of software development to the equivalent of making the next pot of coffee or getting laid over a long 2 martini lunch in the corner office or snorting coke in the handicapped stall.

This is YOU america. This is YOU. No good enterprise of teams of intelligent individuals wont be stopped by the hordes of useless individuals surrounding them whos main mission is to reduce everyone to the equivalent of a desk-bot secretary who's skills and opinions are as valid as the night crew janitor. And that's why software is being developed in India, for the cost of a night crew janitor.

Enjoy what you paid for. Which is nothing.

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