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By lokeshgupta1981
Published: Nov 11 2012 / 09:37

This is very common interview question where you have to find duplicate words in a string or some text. This can be solved using some overly-complex algorithms also, but in this post, I will propose rather an easy way using java collections.
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htowninsomniac replied ago:

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As interviewer, my next question would be "great, now assume Collections.frequency didn't exist. How would you do it then?" And strictly speaking, your answer still needs to eliminate words that have frequency 1.

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lokeshgupta1981 replied ago:

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You can ask. You are the boss... Let me make a wild guess. In my other simplest solution, I will sort the collection so that it makes similar words in sequence. Now a simple iteration will filter out all different words and their frequency.. including one also. You can choose them to ignore. I know this solution can have some performance overhead, but for that large load of data, I will go for some expert algorithm implementation. Otherwise, it is also good to go.

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