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A comparison between two APIs. One good. And one bad.

Posted by chengas123  |   Jul 26 2009 / 18:09

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cj104918 replied ago:

which one is good? which one is bad. Please educate me.

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Jawher replied ago:

I more than agree : the w3c dom api is a pain in the ass to use, whereas dom4j (and jdom) are much more usable and targeted for human beings

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willcode4beer replied ago:

One was written by guys in the trenches, the other by PHDs

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Eric Burke replied ago:

The title doesn't really match the article.

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middlec replied ago:

So to sum it up dom4j good, xerces bad?! WTF? I hate to be negative, but this really was bad. There was absolutely nothing in there to give you guidelines on building an api. Exactly no insight.

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chengas123 replied ago:

not dom4j good, xerces bad. dom4j user-friendly api, xerces pain in the butt api. i use xerces over dom4j most of the time, but am incredibly frustrated by the difficulty and verbosity of a number of simple tasks when using it

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