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A few months ago, we upgraded Stormpath's signup workflow. Despite asking for more information, the upgraded workflow increased our signup completion from 74% to 94%. Instantly. This blew our minds, so we thought we would share the details so other web developers could build smooth signup processes, without compromising security.

Posted by bjensenSP  |   Apr 24 2013 / 14:58

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Martyr2 replied ago:

Just sounds like they went back to the "normal" way. We have been designing forms with up front data collection since the 1990's. Makes sense doesn't it? The user is the most interested at the beginning, so that is the perfect chance to collect as much info as we can from them and then have them verify later than to try and have them verify first and then run into a form when they are less interested (this could be days later). I am not too sure this "new flow" is actually all that new. :)

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