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By fifthposition
Published: Jan 13 2010 / 11:01

I am sick of hearing people say, “Oh, I love your code, I wish I could do that.” You can. The only reason you can’t is because you don’t practice enough. I used to think that I wasn’t smart enough. I was jealous of those that did crazy code stuff that I couldn’t even comprehend. Then, one day, I ran into something I did not understand and instead of giving up, I pushed through. I sat there in front of my computer for hours and wrestled with class and class instance variables. That day was a turning point for me. It was the last time I thought that whether or not I was successful depended on my talent or intelligence. It really comes down to hard work people. Ever since then, I have attacked each thing that I do not understand until I understand it.
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jsugrue replied ago:

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You raise a very good point - it's all about practice. Just as Malcom Gladwell would agree in Outliers (

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rainwebs replied ago:

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The latest studies show that talent can be ignored. It's the practice that counts. If you decide to invest the necessary time you will reach the goal - and can call yourself smart ;-).

It really works. To invest more time than others is the first step. The next step is to listen to those who already have the experience. Collect as many different angles to a problem as you can. Even the trainee in your team can help you to understand what is important and what should be ignored. This helps to focus yourself and reduce efforts.

With everything you do don't forget to have a look on the left and on the right during your walk. Even if there's no real relation to your domain it opens your mind and let you create better solutions.

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