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Counter to the opinion of the Web Development literati, I support a WebKit monoculture. I’ll put this in no uncertain terms: I think the web would be better off if WebKit was the only rendering engine. The common arguments against this are that it’s bad for competition and that “it’s IE6 all over again”. I feel that the former argument is invalid, and the latter is a false dichotomy.

Posted by mswatcher  |   Jan 25 2013 / 10:04

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mheath replied ago:

This would be great. Then we could get rid of the HTML specification altogether. After all, what's the point of having a spec if there's only one implementation. The spec is the code baby!

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sonnycleon replied ago:

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devdanke replied ago:

I'm satisfied that the majority of mobile apps run on WebKit. Currently, Google and Apple invest heavily in WebKit and it shows. It's a fast, stable rendering engine, with rapidly advancing multi-media abilities (sound & audio). Having Firefox around is also good. It's keeps WebKit from being a monopoly (which could be unhealthy). But the best thing about WebKit dominance is that it makes IE a non-factor in mobile development. For long painful years web development suffered from Microsoft's crappy, backward, buggy, insecure browser. Thank goodness we don't have to deal with that now. WebKit's dominance keeps IE out of play (at least in the mobile space)!

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