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By rick
Published: Jan 05 2010 / 03:58

In the late 1990s, a well respected and visionary colleague made the surprising statement, "Java is dead." That is probably the first time I had heard that phrase. Despite my respect for his considerable accomplishments, I thought that the statement was ridiculous. More than ten years later, it is still a pretty ridiculous statement. Java will "die" one day; all languages (and, even more so, all people) do. In that respect, Java "is dead," but so is every other programming language out there. I guess, then, it is safe to say that all programming languages are "dead."
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MatthewPassell replied ago:

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Although all the "Java is Dead!" articles and posts are numerous and tiresome, I have to say that I'm rather bored of the "Java is Not Dead!" posts as well. Can we just agree that it's one of those religious topics like brace formatting in code blocks and move on?

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AllureFX replied ago:

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IMO people are just using a thumb rule: "Java is old, so it must be dying."

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Miloskov replied ago:

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Cobol is dead, C is dead, C++ is dead, Java is dead, Lisp is dead, Smalltalk is dead, Objective-c is dead, PHP is dead, Ruby is already dead. It is the same story over and over again that people wants to see the competitor language dead or their own language justify is not dead yet.

All this topics are BS!. I still see Cobol is used a lot in the enterprise. This is a waste of time this programming languages debates and wars!.

Use your favorite tool or programming language and STFU!.

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rainwebs replied ago:

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If you have a look at Cobol you have a prove that Java will never die. But, I don't know if I would work with a Zombie for so loooooong ;-).

@Matthew As long as such articles get No 1 rankings at DZone we will not stop this (my was in 10/2009) ;-).

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