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There's been a lot of discussion here lately about how to fix Java, with suggestions focused on writing new scripting languages, markup languages, application or binding frameworks and even a re-write, "Swing 2.0". I don't think the answer is to re-invent anything, but instead to build on top of the powerful stack that we already have. And that's what we're doing: writing a complete Java Application Builder that makes basic tasks super-easy and advanced tasks manageable. And helps with database development. And deployment. And is a platform for Rich Internet Applications.

Posted by jsugrue  |   Mar 18 2009 / 09:25

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Dave Newton replied ago:


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RawThinkTank replied ago:

Yes that looks like Access wizards, it never took off, if u move far ahead with it, At its best U may end up creating something like SAP with it.

It will take an Einstein equivalent for creating a general purpose GUI based codeless development platform, but then that also needs 50 years or something to figure it out for that kinda intelligent being.

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txjill replied ago:


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