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A short, fast, focused guide delivering information on the new iPad and its suite of applications. A How-to that will provide short recipes for quick, easy learning. Covered topics include iCloud, VIP Inbox, Photostream, iWork suite of apps, Garageband and more!

Posted by Renee J._Valdez  |   Submitted: Feb 17 2013 / 09:37

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geniesoftstudios replied ago:

When I was asked by Packt Publishing if I would be interested in reviewing the book “The New iPad: Using New Features in iOS 6 How-To” by Renee J. Valdez, I was delighted and couldn’t be more happier. Since, the release of the new iPad back in March 2012, the new iPad’s display and processing power allows for a rich media experience that is unlike any other, and provides you with the ability to create, edit, and manage everything from Excel documents to HD home movies. The multi-touch interface makes creating and editing intuitive, and the added use of iCloud allows you to synchronize documents, movies, music, and images to the cloud for access from all your Apple devices. This book contains a variety of recipes that builds upon the previous recipes. Renee starts by introducing you to the basic steps of setting up Mail and working with the iPad’s Mail application and how to set up and add an iCloud e-mail address. Renee, then shows you how to managing your photos by editing, and sharing these using the Photo Stream feature. Next, Renee shows you how to edit and import these photos into the iPhoto application and share these with your friends and family. What I liked about this book, and where Renee does things well, is explaining these features in easy to comprehend steps, in particular, the recipe on iWork – Keynote, Numbers, and Pages I particularly liked as this shows you the steps on how to create and edit these documents, as well as sharing, and syncing documents from each of these applications and how these can be stored in iCloud. This book ends by showing you how you can use the iBooks and GarageBand applications to download books from the iBookStore and import PDF documents, as well as exploring iTunes and Garageband to create a basic project by using some of the available instruments that come with the GarageBand application. If you are interested in finding out more about the new features in iOS and the New iPad, look no further than this book. You won’t be disappointed. ,

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