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By alwayzdere
Published: Feb 02 2014 / 06:50

If you use Internet Explorer, your IQ might be below average--at least, according to one study.
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sbp_romania replied ago:

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I don't give attention to many studies, they just don't seem right; and this is one of them. First, I don't see who is using IE 6, except corporate employees...Secondly, if IE 8 users are smarter than IE 6 users, then IE 10 users might be on par with the ones who use Firefox :)

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dxxvi replied ago:

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If you use IE 11, you're one of the smartest :-)

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Kaveh Shahbazian replied ago:

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While I do not agree with judging people based on "what they do" (and rather prefer "how they do it" is a more meaningful measure for that purpose), the numbers seems to be true. I still see lots of people use Windows XP and love it. And there are many complicated softwares out there that barley support Windows Vista & 7. Microsoft should pay for years of misery that caused to developers (and pretty much it's paying in large).

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