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If you have thought that for Java it will all be about Write Once, Run Anywhere then – make a second guess. It all falls apart the very same minute you create something truly low-level and optimized to the last possible bit. Suddenly all kind of unexpected small details start to matter, such as the garbage collector selection, minor differences in the classloader implementations or the way JVM vendors have decided to interpret certain parts of the JVM specification.

Posted by ivom2gi  |   May 08 2013 / 21:32

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mheath replied ago:

No duh. Java strives for write once, run everywhere not optimize once be optimized everywhere.

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ivom2gi replied ago:

In the sense you are completely correct, most of the applications do not go to the extremes Plumbr is forced to deal with. But the usual Java EE applications also tend not to be happy with the switch from for example 32-bit Windows to the 64-bit Mac OS X. Usually you still find one or two things you need to tweak.

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