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By dotCore
Published: Dec 14 2012 / 01:27

I’ve always heard that it was difficult to move from QA into development (game design/programming/art/production). I thought this was smart- QA people should be there to be QA people, not doing a job only because they hope it would lead to something else.
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devdanke replied ago:

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The answer to this question may vary by company and country. In the USA, if a company needs a developer and you can pass the technical interview, and seem like you can work with the dev team, then you'll get the job. Most USA businesses do not care whether you've been in QA or don't have a Computer Science degree. They care whether or not you can do the job. And your level of interest/passion for development work. But it's worth noting that, the insights gained from being in QA could make you a better developer. If you can convey that during the interview, that will help you. It also helps, when you are entry-level or moving into a new development area, to show code or projects you've worked on, that prove you can write the kind of software the company needs. When there's a high demand for developers and not enough talent out there (such as now, for mobile and big-data developers), then companies will give even unqualified applicants a try. So, when the market is strong for developers, that's the time to make your move.

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