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By mitchp
Published: Nov 02 2009 / 12:47

The Java Store is almost ready to open its doors. Similar to Apple's app store, the Java store will be a place for developers to sell their Java and JavaFX-based applications.
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lnguyen replied ago:

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I'm pretty skeptical about whether this will be successful, but I am hopeful.

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jtheory replied ago:

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Voted up for one of the comments -- this is like opening "The Plastic Store", where you sell everything made out of plastic. Or it's like if Apple opened the "Objective-C Store".

Why in the world would anyone shop for software based on the language it's written in? They search based on the problem they're trying to solve, and they might check other software by one developer that they know from experience is good.

But this... it's not even as if the software will all be of equally high quality. It's just "here's a completely random mess of unrelated software, together in one place for no reason you can understand".

Even "cross-platform" is meaningless to people -- they just want to know "have you got a Mac version" or "have you got a Linux version" -- they don't care if the versions are one code base.

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