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By richigh82
Published: Mar 21 2014 / 06:13

Java Boon filtering for Java Beans, JSON and Java Maps like JDK 8 streams but much faster. Many languages have support for querying objects and filtering objects easily. Java does in JDK 8, but Boon adds it as well, and it can compliment features of JDK 8 as well as work in Java 7 land. Boon adds filtering to to Java. You can filter JSON, Java, and Maps. You can also use indexed queries which are a lot faster than linear search queries that come with JDK 8.
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richigh82 replied ago:

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Which is faster serializing to JSON with Jackson or serializing to binary with ObjectOutputStream? Most people assume that Java object serialization is faster than Jackson JSON serialization because Jackson is using JSON and Java object serialization is binary. Is this true? Find out.

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