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By jrandol
Published: Aug 29 2010 / 03:43

Java founder James Gosling's campaign for a "free" Java has extended to offering a line of T-shirts and other merchandise.
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Miloskov replied ago:

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James, Oracle is killing your creation. What a shame and Oracle sucks big time!.

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Neon20_180 replied ago:

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Oracle likes money. If they see revenue potential in Java, they'll never release it. That's a catch 22 they'll only free Java if it has no potential, but if it had no potential no one would want it anyway. As much as I'd like Java to be free. In Oracle's mind, they didn't spend X billions of dollars for Sun's assets to hand them away for free. Public pressure is indeed the only hope, but you are gonna need a lot of it. Nice move though from James, better than wait and see.

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RawThinkTank replied ago:

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So why dont he join some New open source JVM alternative ?

his meer presence will send shock waves.

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jebailey replied ago:

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I find this funny and highly ironic, as he was a main opponent of creating a "free" java in the first place.

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danpfe replied ago:

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@RawThinkTank: There is an open source JVM, it's called OpenJDK. If you meant an open source virtual machine, well, there is LLVM. However, the crazy amounts of money invested in Java will making it horribly expensive to replace. Also, I believe that both Microsoft and Oracle would be all over a LLVM-based full-featured replacement of Java or .Net claiming all sorts of patent infringements.

That's also the reason why I do not for a second believe that Microsoft won't ever file suite against cross-platform .Net implementations such as Mono. If Mono would cause the slightest dent in Window Server sales, Steve Ballmer would do everything in his power to make it die and disappear from the face of the earth.

Implementing any replacement for .Net or Java today is likely like walking through a minefield. At least until some sanity returns to patent offices around the world.

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