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By Zeeshan Bilal
Published: May 10 2014 / 04:13

Ever since is heard Java 8 going to support lambda expressions (aka closures), I was very enthusiastic to spice my code with such a decent and concise functional element. Most developers extensively use Anonymous Inner Classes for event handlers, comparators, basic thread/runnable implementations, etc and overburden the logic with unnecessary scaffoldings even a very simple piece of code seems complex and unwieldy. Java 8 now added Lambda expressions as part of language syntax that help solve similar problem in a very elegant manner. It enable developers to encapsulate a single unit of behavior and pass it to other code. It’s like syntactic sugar for an anonymous class (with one method whose type is inferred) and is an object-less method. I prefer avoiding extensive theoretical material in this post, but before moving further towards understanding the syntax, structure and examples of lambdas, there is an important concept need attention.
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