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By rick
Published: Dec 07 2010 / 12:53

Yakov Fain blogged that Java on the client has no chance succeeding with the current complicated installation process. Unfortunately I agree. But, I also think there is even a bigger and very closely related problem, launching Java client applications. I blogged about it here. Launching Java applications on the client could be very challenging.
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wytten replied ago:

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I've been writing Java (server-side) for years, but when people ask me what to do when the Java installer nags them to keep their desktop JRE up to date, I just tell them to uninstall it.

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sproketboy replied ago:

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Yakov Fain complains about a software install where he *deleted* the old program files without running the uninstaller. The fuk tard doesn't know how to properly uninstall software.....

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philho replied ago:

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Adobe products (Flash, Air) too "nag" the user to keep their installation up to date. Many softwares do that. Well, only Chrome does that behind the back of the user, and it annoyed me a lot because it saturated my old hard disk with two copies (at least) which are big (for the partition I had at the time -- now I don't care anymore, I admit).

Indeed, I had to install Java (JRE) on my new computer (Win7) and I had no problem: the installation was seamless. Admittedly, older installers wasn't behaving properly, leaving old Java consoles versions in Firefox, old installation traces in the Installed Programs dialog, etc. But I think (I hope) they improved that.

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