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By jsugrue
Published: May 30 2009 / 14:45

During the last Devoxx conference, Mark Reinhold, Sun's chief engineer for Java SE, gave a presentation on the latest directions for Java 7. (Hamlet D'Arcy's summary of Mark's presentation is available here.) One of the features that was discussed for possible inclusion in Java 7, but won't find its way into the final release, is first class properties for Java. First-class support for properties would have gone beyond the simple setter and getter methods of the JavaBeans specification, and provided a succinct and elegant way for defining properties for Java objects.
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Gregg Bolinger replied ago:

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bla bla bla, just use Groovy if you want features that won't make it into Java 7 (or any Java version for that matter).

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raveman replied ago:

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good point, this hack does not work always and with groovy you have that out of the box. if something doesnt work always its broken and should be in java puzzles.

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cbang replied ago:

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Reading about basic features that won't make it into Java? No thanks no need for that depression.

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aalmiray replied ago:

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"This makes Java more beautiful, succinct and elegant... just as XML."
I'm sorry but that sentence i wrong in so many levels... seriously?

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willcode4beer replied ago:

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While I appreciate the intent, it really appears to be the most complex "solution" to the problem imaginable.

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